Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blog Day 1: Back to the Land of Fire


> Here we are, back in the Land of Fire (A.K.A. Tierra del Fuego),
> after a lengthy and sometimes frustrating journey (thanks to the
> good people at the airlines and customs). Our spirits remain high,
> however, and we are excited for our first Red Knot sightings. High
> tide to day is at 7:19 PM (local time, which is two hours ahead of
> EDT) and that is when we expect to finally get our first opportunity
> to conduct a count of Knots.
> The mayor of the local town, Cerro Sombrero in the Municipality of
> Primavera, has graciously allowed us use of their internet facility
> (from which we are posting this very blog). The town is very
> important to us for several reasons, first being that it is the
> closest and most populated town in the Bahia Lomas region, where
> nearly all Red Knots of the subspecies rufa (our Delaware Bay knots)
> winter. The town is also important because this is where we get
> provisions, gasoline, and water. The town is probably most
> important to us, however, in that the local children are very
> interested in conservation of their local habitats and fauna. They
> will be the Knot stewards of the future so we are working to help
> educate their generation to continue protecting this beautiful yet
> fragile place.
> Keep checking back with us for more updates and to read about this
> year´s very first encounter with Red Knots.
> Ciao,
> The Red Knot Expedition Team

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